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KBT Cash Back
As a promotional Offer this season we are offering you a chance to earn while you shop for your favorite products on 27Avenue. Simply pay with any crypto currency and earn 100% cash back in KartBlock Token (KBT). Cash Back Claim Form Click Here
KartBlock tokens will be available for use on 27Avenue for your future purchases and much more. Our association with KartBlock will give the best of both worlds. 

How to Pay by crypto currency?

We have made it very simple for you and in couple of steps you will be able to execute the transaction.
Step 1: On the checkout page at payment method select coinbase commerce as payment method 
Step 2: Keep your crypto currency wallet handy open in another window or on your cell phone
Step 3: Enter the wallet address of the currency you wish to pay for or simply scan the QR code and make the payment
Step 4: The system will detect the payment automatically and update on the screen. It may take some time to validate the transaction as it will wait for 6 confirmations in case of Bitcoin payment, usually it will happen in 6 to 7 minutes but can take longer. However remember this does not affect your transaction it will get processed and you will be notified via email.
Now you have successfully paid using Crypto Currency.

How to get KartBlock Tokens (KBT)?

After your successful order fill in the claim form and you will be enrolled in the Token distribution list. As soon as we start the Token distribution list we will start update you via email, so it is important to update a valid email ID to successfully claim the KBT
Cash Back Claim Form Click Here
Happy Shopping !!!
27Avenue Team